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2001 Ferrari 360 Spider Shared Ownership in Scotland

2001 Ferrari 360 Spider

Ferrari. The very name evokes feelings that cannot be denied. And the sound-track as it accelerates through the gears is guaranteed to set your pulse racing. The successor to the F355, the F360 Modena was introduced in 1999. Two years later the convertible Spider variant was introduced, promptly overtaking sales of the Modena.

Showing off its mid-mounted 3.6 litre V8 engine through a glass panel in the engine cover, the engineers still managed to find space to stow the power-operated convertible top in a hidden compartment.

Our one has the F1 paddle-shift transmission and is finished in light metallic Grigio Blue

Quick Stats
Engine V8, 3586cc
Fuel system Magneti Marelli MR3 Fuel injection
Power output 400bhp @ 8500rpm
Max speed 180 mph
0-60 mph 4.4 sec
Weight 1350 Kg
Required Points
Weekday 15
Weekend Day 30

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Ferrari Band 15 MR