Super Car Shared Ownership Scotland

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Luxury Car Fractional Ownership Scotland

How It Works

The money you invest will be used to fund changes to the fleet. To protect the value we only buy depreciated cars and it is our expectation that when we come to sell cars we will not make a significant loss. Your annual subscription pays for recurring costs such as insurance, storage, taxing and servicing of the fleet.

Fantasy Fleet Ltd also generates income by renting out the supercars, sports cars and luxury cars in the fleet on a one-off basis. This income is applied to running costs such as maintenance and cleaning. Any profit will be returned to the investors via their shareholding, or used to upgrade the fleet.

What happens if I want my money back?

There are 2 ways that you can get your money back:

a. Sell your investment to a new investor.

The Fantasy Fleet Club and Fantasy Garage websites advertise the fact that the only way to use the cars will be to hire them or become an investor member. If you can identify a new investor then you are free to sell your shares to them directly, as long as they complete the necessary membership forms. The Club may be able to put you in touch with a potential investor.

b. Redeem your investment for cash.

Investment in Fantasy Fleet Ltd is promoted as a long/medium term commitment,with a minimum of three years membership before qualifying to redeem shares for cash.

On 1st November each year, Members/investors who have held their investment for more than 2 years on that date, will qualify for the option to redeem their shares for cash. Investors wishing to exercise this option must notify the Company Secretary in writing no later than 1st May after the qualifying date then the following 1st November the company will purchase their shares. The price the Company will pay will be the lower of the original price paid or the current share buy price.

How many cars are in the fleet?

We are currently operating 4 cars, and this may vary over time at the board’s discretion. See the Fleet page for details of these cars.

Where are the cars stored and maintained?

We have the use of a number of storage locations in Edinburgh. Members should arrange collection and delivery with the office when booking. Delivery is also available at cost.

The cars are maintained by various specialist garages and dealers in and around Edinburgh.

How will I book a car?

Members have access to the Members Area on the club website, which includes a calendar showing car availability. It shows fixed and provisional bookings so members can choose an available time slot for a car and then e-mail us with their request. We will respond and update the calendar.

Who are the Management Team?

The FFC management team consists of 4 of the investors who have been nominated and elected by the membership. Currently this is a mix of the investors with the largest shareholdings plus other representatives from the Membership. There are always opportunities for members to get more involved with all of the workings of the club if they are keen to do so.

The Chairman is currently Myke Grantham who is a retired computer consultant with experience of running small businesses. He was a founder member of CCCS and has been involved in the development of the business. He can be contacted by e-mail at for anyone who has further questions. He is joined on the board by a computer systems analyst, an IT consultant and an operations director.

Other non-board members may be co-opted onto committees or take on tasks and responsibilities as required to help run the business.

It goes without saying that they are all car enthusiasts!

How do I apply for shares?

Download the Prospectus, complete the share application form and experienced investor disclaimer form, and return to us, complete with a cheque for the relevant amount and we will process your application. Should you wish to pay via a method other than cheque, just let us know.

The address is: Fantasy Fleet Limited, c/o 8 Ravelston House Road, Edinburgh, EH4 3LW

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