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Luxury Car Shared Ownership Scotland

Points System

Three factors are used to determine the points applicable to members booking cars in the Fleet:

The car - which band the luxury sports car is in.

The day of the week - whether the booking includes weekdays, weekend/holiday days, or both.

The length of the booking - the number of weekdays and number of weekend days the car is booked for.

Simply decide which car you would like to drive, and when you would like it and multiply the three factors (car band x (number of weekdays x 1 + number of weekend days x 2)) together to work out the points applicable to your booking.

Car Band Factor
Band 1 - 1 x
Band 2 - 2 x
Band 3 - 3 x
And so on....
Day of Week Factor
Weekend/bank holiday days - 2 x
Weekdays - 1 x

Example One: Porsche Boxster S for 2 Weekdays

Band of car(7) x Weekday(1) x Number of Weekdays(2)

7 x 1 x 2 = 14 points

Example Two: Aston Martin DB9 Volante for a Weekend

Band of car(14) x Weekend days(2) x Number of Weekend days(2)

14 x 2 x 2 = 56 points

Points Calculator

Use our handy Points Calculator to work out how many points you need to spend.

Hopefully this all makes sense, but if there are any questions, please contact us.

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